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  • Give a special thank to NAD and Nike organization for believed in me and gave me an opportunity to perform alongside with rapper Travis Scott last weekend at the convention. Another one in the book!! Salute 💯✔

  • Performance on Millennium Stage at Kennedy Center (Washington DC) during Open Door Festival: Open Circle. Special thanks to them over the past weekend. Salute 💯✔

  • What a great moment performing at Kennedy Center last night. Thank to the crew for putting together and we brought the bang! ANOTHER ONE IN MY BOOK!!! Salute 💯✔

  • What a great experience over last couple days in Vegas! Give a special shoutout to DeafNation for giving me an opportunity to World Expo. Also, it was great to see many faces just like an old time. Salute 💯✔

  • Greetings folks, I received the greatest news when it came to my mail. I got a trademark and IT OFFICIAL!! Salute💯✔

  • What a GREAT VIBE last night during the deaf film "WHAT?" after party at Mozzeria DC. There more to come!!! Salute 💯✔

  • Thank you for making this as number one chart for the best seller on Amazon. Couldn’t done this without your support! Salute 💯✔

  • Aarron Loggins, a Deaf author of My Struggle, My Success. He shares his experience as black deaf with the ups and downs of his life journey. He performed the national anthem in ASL at Super Bowl LIII. See what Joel and Aarron are talking about in his book. (captioned)
    You can order his book on https://www.aarronloggins.comMore information on https://JoelBarish

Coffee with Joel:
My Struggle, My Success

Award Show 2022

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