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  • THE WAIT IS OVER!!! August 20th, we are releasing my first book ever called "My Struggle, My Success". My life experience journey through being a black deaf male facing both worlds. Give a special thanks to Two Penny Publishing for making this happen. GOD IS GREAT!!! SORRY FOR THE WAITING!!! THIS IS IT!!! Salute💯✔

  • We heading to Florida to take over ASL Nation 2020 Experience. See y'all there!! Salute 💯✔

  • It was a great honor to perform Z: A Christmas Story over the past weekend with beautiful black deaf talents. We brought so much passion, love, and united as family. Also, give a special shout-out to director Michelle Banks and creative writer Jeffrey Bowden to made this happen. Another one in the book! Salute 💯✔

  • I will be performing and delivering a dynamic talk about equality and bridging the gap between the hearing and deaf worlds on November 9th at TedxTysons. Salute 💯✔

  • Thank Southeast Regional Institute of Deafness for honoring me to share my moment over the past weekend. Other one in my book and move on the next one. Salute 💯✔

  • Give a special shout-out to Deaf Nation for giving me a platform past weekend in S.I.N.Y. Salute 💯✔.

  • Aarron Loggins perform on Sept 14th at Gallaudet University for DEAFOPIA. Register information at Salute 💯

August 20th 2021

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