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  • City of Angeles with lot of loves!!! Salute💯✔

  • The National Association of the Deaf Presents the 2023 NAD Breakthrough Awards Gala.

  • What a shocking moment last night at National Association of the Deaf - NAD Gala in LA AREA!! Meeting and talk with every individual deaf talents which gave me a goosebumps moment. I was honored to be there in that moment. They are the winner in my book!! Salute💯✔

  • Happy Deaf Awareness Month from United Airline! Salute💯✔

  • We making the move for the summer event! Catch us performing live in DMV area. The information is on the event poster. Salute💯✔

  • Hard work!!! Work pay off!!! Keep going!!! Salute💯✔

  • Can’t believe when I got the heartbreaking news!!! Judy Heumann; thank for everything you done and fought for our disability community. It isn’t good bye; it see you later. Love you!!! Salute💯✔


  • Greetings folks, I received the greatest news when it came to my mail. I got a trademark and IT OFFICIAL!! Salute 💯✔

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